Sunday, November 16, 2014

Shopbop Gift Guide

happy sunday, guys!

while i am snuggled in on the couch watching last night's episode of SNL (because most weekends i fall asleep before it airs.. sad but true) i am giving some serious thought to holiday shopping for everyone on my list.  Shopbop has the best collection of unique holiday gifts for the special people in your life.  honestly, i am kicking myself for not knowing about these ideas last year.  they are going to make shopping a breeze...a breeze from the comfort of my own couch. 

the older i get, the more i realize that people (myself included) generally love odds and ends for the house.  it's something that reminds them of you and your friendship either throughout the year or at the holiday season when they pull it out to display.  Shopbop has something for every friend from the wine lover to the fashionista.  don't know what to get someone?  a coffee table book can be a wonderful idea!  you can custom it to their interests and it is both fun to read and beautiful to display. 


i never understand why the guys in our life say "women are so hard to shop for."  so not true.  we love everything.  everything.  and don't worry guys - if you haven't been paying attention this year to the little things she has mentioned & showed you 500 times, or to the trendy items that she is secretly coveting, Shopbop has you covered.  there is an excellent range of girly goodies to fit every budget and every "relationship stage."  and don't underestimate a generic gift like pajamas.  it's something cute and practical that we generally don't like spending the money on ourselves.  (and it doesn't hurt to think of you when we put them on to go to bed at night... just saying.) 

so the real story - GUYS are the hard ones to buy for.  most of them don't want much, and what they do want/like, they just buy for themselves.  and as much as we love seeing them in the ties, shirts, scarves, hats we pick out, the thrill for them ends there.  East Dane (the brother site to Shopbop) has some absolutely amazing gift ideas for your man no matter what he is into these days.  There are affordable gifts for the fitness guru, the travel guy, the wallstreet man, the photographer and the "i think i'm a dj mix-master."  i even love the idea of something simple, like a stylish notebook to give him a space to record all of his hopes, dreams and brilliant thoughts.... or, just a page to jot down the grocery list....

i hope this has given you a little holiday inspiration!  
i am teaming up with Conair for a fun hair post tomorrow!  make sure to check back!

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