Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Phone Swag & Resolutions

 Happy New Years Eve!
I cannot believe 2013 has come to a close.  I have truly been blessed with so much this year.  The health of family, a new puppy family member, new friends and adventures, and the start of Moda & the Mar.  Thank you to everyone who supported me during the startup process.  I can't imagine my life without this little corner of the blogosphere.  I am so excited to see what 2014 holds for my family and my blog. 
I recently saw an idea on Pinterest that I want to commit to next year.  You bedazzle a mason jar and label it Happy Moments of 2014.  Every time something wonderful or exciting happens that year, write it down and place it in the jar.  On New Years Eve, open it up and enjoy all of the wonderful moments of the past year.  I know I personally get wrapped up in the negatives and downfalls of life at times.  It would be wonderful to be able to look back at all of the little celebrations I might have missed over the year.   Other than that little project, I am committing to the usual resolutions of saving, focusing on health and weaning myself off soda.  What about you?  Any unique resolutions this year?
Today I wanted to show you these amazing phone covers from TrimSkins .  They are actually sticker covers for your smart phone (don't worry - they remove easily and do not leave any sticky residue.)  They come in several pieces - front, back, sides, etc. - and are so easy to put on.  They are available in so so many different colors and patterns to fit any taste.  I love how they protect your phone from scratches and scuffs but aren't too bulky to fit in your clutch or jean pocket. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful time tonight sipping champagne and puckering up to that special someone!  I will see you guys in 2014!  Linkups below. 

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Coming Up Roses

Happy Monday, friends!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Bingo night was a blast!  I even managed to win the last prize - a $40 gift card to a steakhouse!  My parents drove back to the frozen tundra of Ohio yesterday. It breaks my heart every time they leave.  Ohio is simply too far away from NC. 
I wanted to show you another favorite piece from Pink Slate Boutique - this rose bubble skirt.  Bubble-hem skirts give such a fun, flouncy feel to a look, and I adore the rose detail of this one.  I chose to dress it down for this look, but it would be great with a black blouse/blazer combo and killer heels as well.  As always, I cannot say enough pleasant things about this company and the ladies behind it.  I promise you a wonderful shopping experience every time!  I paired a cropped denim jacket so I didn't lose the shape of the skirt, and balanced out some of the volume with boots.  I can already tell I am going to need multiple pairs of these polka dot tights.  In my mind they go with everything
 I have another great product from Kushy Foot keeping my feet warm this year.  These fleece-lined trouser socks are my ideal boot sock.  They are super thin and silky, but are lined with fleece to  keep your feet toasty.  I love wearing these with my tighter boots that I can't really fit a thick sock in.  Kushy Foot has so many ingenious hosiery accessories.  Be sure to stock up for boot season!
Thanks for reading!  Now Go Crush your Monday!  Linkups Below

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Scarf Obsession

TGIF Ya'll!
 Whether you are back to your normal routine or still traveling and celebrating, I hope you have a wonderful Friday.  My parents are still in town and are hosting a bingo night at their house tonight.  I am so looking forward to a few Holiday cocktails and making memories with best friends and family.  This is a new tradition for our family this year, and one that I hope will last.  I am usually terrible at bingo because I am always too distracted by everything to listen to the numbers being called.  Maybe there will be an honorable mention prize??
I was so excited to show you this gorgeous scarf from FRAAS today!  For more than 125 years, FRAAS has upheld a family tradition of manufacturing high-quality scarves that are unlike anything else in the world. You can see the level of attention to detail which is unique to FRAAS. It is this which enabled FRAAS to establish itself as the world´s largest scarf manufacturer.  This holiday scarf is just phenomenal with the combination of metallic threads and zebra print.  It makes such a statement with an otherwise simple outfit.  It's safe to say I have a slight obsession with scarves just for that reason.  I was so excited to add this one to the collection, especially this time of year when I am craving all things gold and metallic.  
How incredible are these loafers?!  Santa Dad and Mom definitely nailed it with these J.Crew Darby patent leather beauties.  They feel so vintage to me.  Styled with the cuffed denim I feel very 50s in them.  I also have a huge crush on this tassel necklace from Ameera Noor .  They offer so many gorgeous, staple accessories that I know  you will find something to spend that Christmas cash on!
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!  Linkups below.
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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Merry

Hey Ya'll!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas filled with love, laughter and memories.  After all of the planning, shopping and wrapping, the day always goes by too quickly.  We actually opened presents on Christmas Eve again this year.  I was apparently extremely good this year!  I got lots of great goodies for the blog including a Canon Rebel T3i. 
Santa also picked out this AHH-dorable Lilly Pulitzer sweater.  It could not have been more appropriate since it was 35 degrees when I woke up Christmas morning.  Considering it was 80 on Monday, I was frozen.  This beach girl is definitely ready for summer again.  I paired the cutesy sweater and tights with an edgy faux-leather skater skirt.   And I love the pop of color this Michael Kors tote always adds. 
Thanks for reading!  I am back at work today wishing for Friday afternoon.  Linkups below

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Silver & Gold

It's Christmas Eve!!! 
I feel as though I have been planning for Christmas Eve for months.  And I know the today and the rest of the week are going to go by so quickly.  We started the celebrations last night with dinner at my sister-in-laws house.  This is one of the only times each year that my family and the in-laws get to spend time together.  Both the laughs and drinks were strong all night.  It's that feeling of joy that makes me cherish the Holiday season. 
As soon as I saw this dress from Fiore Boutique I knew I had found my NYE dress.  I think a lot of pressure is put on the New Years Eve dress.  I always want something sparkly, sexy and special enough to mark the beginning of a new year.  This dress is all of that and more.  I love the graphic lines on the front and the sporting feel of the razor-back cut.  It doesn't hurt that the entire front is covered in sequins.  You really don't need many accessories with this unique of a dress.  I brought out a black evening clutch that hardly gets used and my favorite Reece & Blaire bangles.  I wanted my shoes to be equally as fun as the dress, so I dusted off these silver sling-backs with an adorable bow on the toe.  I bought these BCBG heels for my wedding rehearsal so they feel so special to me. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas tomorrow filled with love and laughter.  We will be one family member short tomorrow so my heart will be a little sad.  My brother is not able to make it to the coast for Christmas and I am heartbroken over it.  But I know he will be here in spirit and us with him!
Thanks for reading!

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Off The Grid

Happy Monday!
I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  I had a wonderful time with family members that I don't see near enough.  It's so nice to catch up with everyone and enjoy a few laughs.  And, I have already started the Holiday binge diet.  Here's to hoping all of my sparkly dresses still fit come New Years Eve!
I wore this outfit to work last week.  The black and white color palette is so simple, but there is so much edge in the details.  The suede panel on the skirt and moto booties keep the look interesting and modern.  There are a few new favorites in the arm party, and of course I am still finding every excuse to wear the chunky knit scarf from Fiore Boutique!
I hope everyone is getting as excited about Christmas as I am!  Thanks for reading.  Linkups below.

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