Monday, October 12, 2015

Nursery Reveal

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Almost a full year later and here we are - nursery talk.  

I truly apologize for my absence over the last 9 mos.  But growing a human is a pretty special process (and one that left me void of any energy) and I wanted to cherish my 9-mos and enjoy as much time as possible as a family of 2 with only fur babies.  

As soon as we found out - and double-confirmed - that our little peanut was a girl, I could not wait to start planning the nursery!  And although I am not a "pink" person, I settled on pink & navy for the color scheme.  The first purchase I made was this fantastic overhead light from The Land of Nod.  It adds drama to the room and gave me something to coordinate around.  

Maybe it's just the nesting instinct that won't quit, but I still feel like the room is a work-in-progress.  Her closet is still a hot mess (there may or may not be a guitar amp still nestled in there.  I think it's my husband's final protest about losing his man-room) and every day I rearrange something or add something.  Sometimes the additions are completely unnecessary - like this adorable oversized giraffe  - and sometimes they are the essentials like the entire line of Noodle & Boo baby care.

When I'm lucky though, the necessary & adorable collide into a nursery item that should be on everyone's registry - the Crane Humidifier.   Addie is going to be a winter baby and I know the dry air is going to be extra tough on her sensitive skin & nose.  I want to make sure she is protected and comfy in the nursery.  The Crane drop humidifier is perfect for protecting my little babe while still allowing my nursery to remain stylish.  I love it so much that I may need to add on to my own bedroom now.  Good thing it comes in over 40 different styles!

Expect to see me around more as I tip-toe back into blogging.  Wednesday starts week 37 and I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby Addie, but I miss the blog and plan on easing back in!