Monday, May 19, 2014

#ad Unconditional Love & Nudges - FDA Dog Treats

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Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was quite busy with work, dance recital and one of our favorite weekend activities - playing with the pups.  You have seen my two furbabes on the blog before, but today Grady & Mako are completely taking over.  And they are pretty happy about it.  They wanted to tell you about a few of their favorite things:  hanging their heads out of the car window, going for a boat ride, hunting frogs, chasing balls, running wide open on the beach, and of course - treats.  A new favorite around these parts?  The fda dog treats Nudges. 

These yummy jerky treats are available in beef, chicken & duck and can be found at Walmart in the puppy treat aisle (see picture above).  This was Grady and Mako's first timing trying Nudges and believe me, they did not disappoint...  and these two know their treats!  My nuggets may love Nudges treats because of the flavor, but I love them because I know they are safe, healthy and made in the USA.  Nudges help me return all of the unconditional love these two give by keeping them healthy and safe enough to enjoy their favorite things.  

These two live for the beach & boat.  LIVE for it.  And while it's common to see a big dog like Grady enjoying a dip in the ocean, it's rare to see a 10 lb shih-tzu so happy about swimming and going for boat rides.  Mako is such a tough little guy and will do just about anything to keep up with his older brother.

How exactly did we wind up as a family of four?  Grady was my college graduation present.  You can imagine how much I love animals to ask for nothing other than a puppy for graduation.  I have always loved "critters."  I mean straight up obsessed with animals.  And after living for four years of college pet-free, I was determined to have a dog of my very own.  And it was perfect ..well, depending on who you ask.  Grady was a very VERY energetic pup... Perfect until I met my husband and he stole my best friend.  It was inevitable really.  From day one they decided they would be best friends.  Why?  Because I was a vegan at the time and Matt ate steak.  Grady had never had steak before.  Grady found a new best friend.  Now they sleep on the same side of the bed, share ham sandwiches, and Grady gets to go to work with Matt every day.  

And after four years of trying to get my best friend back (I would have accepted either of them as my bff at that point) I finally convinced Matt we needed a second pup.  A lap dog just for me.  When we first brought Mako home, he was 1 1/2 lbs and had kennel cough which quickly developed into pneumonia.  I have never seen the two of us so worked up over a pound and a half of anything.  He was adorable and pitiful all at the same time.  But with the help of humidifiers, steam showers, chicken broth and antibiotics, Mako got better and bigger.  And now he brings so much more love into our home.  He is feisty, spunky and  the ultimate lap dog.

To return the unconditional love these two show me and the hubs on the daily, I make sure we squeeze in at least two boat/beach days a month and keep the house stocked with their favorite healthy treats #CollectiveBias.

Grady & Mako want to thank you for reading all about their story & their new favorite treat.  They also want you to know that your pup will LOVE Nudges.  Make sure to share your #NudgesMoments!  #cbias

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. Your pups look so cute - great post!


  2. Ahhhh your pups are so cute!!! My brothers dog (he's kind of half mine because we got him when we lived together in college) is named Grady too!:) such a cute story too! My pup would love those treats, she has a thing for duck! Well basically anything you give her! ;)

    <3 Shannon

  3. Your dogs are so adorable!! I want a puppy so bad but unfortunately my son is allergic! :(

    Have a great day!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

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  5. Awww. Your puppies are so cute!

  6. Your dogs are the absolute cutest!!

    Xo, L

  7. Awwww, cute photos! I bet my pup would love these treats too!

  8. so cute dogs!!!

  9. LOVE THEM! Such a cuties! Our dog, Daisy would love to run on the beach with your pups! I love that Nudges treats are safe for our furballs! #client