Wednesday, August 27, 2014

so dope

Happy Wednesday, friends!

so dope.  this teethis collar.  the end.  

ok, for reals..  This Style Lately tee might just be my favorite yet.  It's just so classic, so simple, so dope.  And I have been wanted to try the pearl stud collar trend for awhile now.  Lucky for me, Emerald Bling always comes through with trendy baubles my closet needs.  It may not be an every day necklace, but it's just so much fun!

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  1. Yep, this whole outfit is just dope. Love that necklace!

    Heather | Port City Prescription

  2. What an amazing look! Love the graphic tee and that necklace!


  3. What a fun look-you pull it off so effortlessly & look great!! Love the necklace.
    Marta, xo

  4. Ok. Gotta have that cool necklace. Love this modern look, it is DOPE!
    from the link up

    please stop by, jess