Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Motivation

Happy Sunday!

So if I'm being perfectly honest, sometimes I need a little incentive to run/workout.  And new workout gear always seems to do the trick.  These Marika magic slimming capris make me feel like I've already been working out all Summer the way they sculpt & slim.  I seriously love slipping them on for everything from a grocery run or dog walk to actually working out (and you can shop them & the rest of the Marika website @ 30% OFF with code MM30 until August 31st!) 

 The perfect other half to my Marika capris?  This Charles River Apparel quick-dry tee.  I'm not even going to pretend like I don't sweat.  I sweat thinking about sweating sometimes.  So it's nice to have a workout top that keeps me cool & dries quickly.  I love the loose shape and simple design and it comes in 10 different colors!!  One of each, please.  

I am actually on the couch today with my three boys watching Sharknado 1 AND 2.  Don't judge - it's been raining non-stop since Friday evening....  But I hope I have given you a little Sunday Motivation.

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  1. i like this sporty outfit...beautiful hair

  2. It's amazing how new workout gear helps make you want to workout. I blame it on my love of fashion. Your braid is amazing!! Hope you had a great weekend.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  3. Ha ha..I sweat when I even think about sweating too. You are looking so stylish. I typically look frumpy at the gym, but I don't care. It's what happens after the gym that counts. Although...I wouldn't mind wearing what you are wearing right now to work out.
    Bright and Shiny