Friday, September 5, 2014

The Classics

Happy Friday, ya'll!

It's been a short work week but it just felt soooo looooong. 

It's all about the classics today - a perfect blouse, your favorite denim, pearls, and of course, a monogram.  This Meachy Lynn top is going to be an absolute staple for me this Fall.  I love the teal hue (it also comes in pink for you bright betties) and it works with jeans and cardigans or tucked in for a work look.  Another staple for me?  Monogrammed rings.  I'm pretty sure I was gifted my first monogrammed ring in fifth (??) grade for a dance recital present, and I have been updating my collection ever since... are my NC roots showing again?...  I love how this oval one from Carolina Clover looks both classic & modern at the same time.    

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

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  1. casula chic outfit..i love it..!!your sandals are so cool

  2. For some reason short weeks always feel the longest!! But I think we need to take a moment to talk about THOSE SHOES!!!! I am completely smitten. I love how you kept the rest of the outfit pretty basic so they really pop and make a statement. Fabulous!
    xoxo Danielle

  3. Woowww me encantan las sandalias!!! Guapa!!! :)

  4. The colour of your top is stunning on you, I love your handbag too, you look great!