Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Blue Hue or Two

vest: thrifted option ; with a hood | chambray ; option ; another | ONA camera bag ; option 

Happy Hump Day!

When in doubt and running late, throw on a lot of blue.  While the denim-on-denim is always a classic go-to ensem, the blue vest adds a layer of warmth and a little interest.  ...and everything is better monogrammed.  Don't have time to grab a purse?  Throw all of your crap in your camera bag and call it a day.

I am finally getting my hair did today.  A big thanks to my incredible stylist who squeezed me in last minute before she has shoulder surgery.  -yikes!  I have not had a haircut since mid-August.  Yes, I know.  Shock, awe and disgust.  But twice-a-year cuts are my mantra.  And just when I had come to terms with taking a few inches off, I see pictures of my long pony and want to keep it.  Maybe it's time to invest in extensions?!

How incredible is this midnight cocktail ring from The Petite Coquette ?!  Super incredible.  Make sure to visit my Instagram page for a chance to win one of your very own!

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  1. This girl needs her hair done's been at least 3 months!! YIKES! Loving this casual look and your jewelry is KILLER!!!

  2. Visiting from the Random Wednesday Link-up! I love your monogrammed vest, so cool! When I was in grad school I went with the twice a year cut too. It was a combination of no time and no money :)

    <3 Vicki

  3. Haha this makes me feel so much better that I am not the only person that cuts their hair twice a year... it's just too much for me to think about, honestly. Love all the blue and that vest is awesome!

  4. Blue is such a beautiful colour ! I love your outfit ~
    I don't really go to the hairdresser that often...


  5. Hey--I haven't had a haircut since late June. :P I avoid it like the plague. Your vest is so cute, I love that color!

  6. Denim on denim is so great, but I do have to say that the vest is amazing. I do love it. And where is your camera bag from?

    Ruthie @
    Come on over xx

  7. such pretty hair!

    stopping by from


  8. You look so cute! I love how different shades of blue can compliment each other!

  9. I especially love the way your dark blue jeans look with those taupe booties! Great look :)

    aka Bailey