Friday, February 14, 2014

The New Pantsuit

Happy Valentine's Day, Loves!

I hope everyone is feeling very loved today, be it from a beau, bestie or a family member.  Valentine's Day should be for celebrating all forms of love.  My Valentines and I will be spending a low-key night at home, probably eating too much chocolate & puppy ice cream.

So, like it or not I have to go to work every weekday.  Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, everrrry week.  And as much as I love classic work-wear silhouettes,  shift dresses and pencil skirts can get so boring.  It's easy to add pops of color or fun baubles to make something feel fresh and different, but sometimes a girl's gotta change-up the basics.  Enter these silk joggers.  When I first got them I completely overlooked their work potential.  But one fateful day when I was feeling particularly hibernatable {I know that's not a real word} and these elastic, silky pants presented themselves for a work option.  And now I wear them on the regular.  They are extremely business-profesh, but yet extremely unexpected in the typical 9-5.  Add a fun print and a long blazer and you have created an updated pantsuit for the working girl.  

And, how gorgeous is this Geneva bib necklace from Trendz Boutique ??!?  Have you ever been getting dressed/outfit planning and thought I know what necklace I need, but I don't know because it's not in my closet yet.  This is that necklace.  It adds so much with just one little necklace.  Trendz never disappoints my friends.  Never.  {and, this stunner is only $23.  I KNOW!!!}

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