Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Child's Play

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful Monday.  Is it Friday yet?  Just kidding.  No, but really.  

Confession time - my shirt is from The Children's Place.  You know, the place where they sell clothes...for children.  While Black Friday shopping with my MIL & SIL, I was picking up a few things for my future fashionista

 {my niece is already the perfect mix of diva and tomboy.  she has to pick out her clothes the night before school because it's such a challenge to match the the morning, but Santa brought her a skateboard for Christmas.  Told you.  Perfect mix.}

The Children's Place has so many cute graphic tees, but for some reason this one just screamed my name.  I then briefly pouted about how it's not fair they don't sell something this adorable in adult sizes.  Good thing my genius sister-in-law was with me to point out that I could squeeze my bod into the children's large.  And so I did.  And I have no shame about it.  I figured as long as I didn't pair it with ruffled socks and mary janes I wouldn't be mistaken for a 6-year-old.  Best part of the deal?  It was a Black Friday deal at $7.  

Moral of the story - risk the embarrassment of requesting a fitting room in the children's boutique. {I linked a few adorable graphic tee options below, so be sure to peruse!}

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  1. This is such a cute look! Those heels are amazing!! <3


  2. Hey, if you can fit into kid's clothes, more power to you! That shirt is adorable!

  3. what a fun look! your heels finish off the look perfectly ...


  4. Hilarious! I, too, have found some of my favorite pieces in the children's section. Luckily, Target's dressing rooms are one in the same ;)

  5. That tshirt is soo cute!! I love it. And the red heels look great.


  6. i am actually in love with that top! way to just go for it!

    xo mk