Thursday, April 10, 2014

Big Bun Tutorial

Happy Thursday, babes!

So for those of you who have asked, and asked, and asked...  I have finally put together a quick and easy big bun tutorial. {for those of you who do not like big buns, my bad.  I will be back to clothes tomorrow.}  I promise once you watch this you will say "oh, that's not that hard."  Because, it's not.  It takes a few tries to perfect - especially for a Type A like myself - but it's nothing you guys can't handle.  

Although I am giving you my tips & tricks today, keep in mind I have long hair that is quite thick.  If you are rocking a bob or have very thin hair, this tutorial will work better with some extensions.

Here is a checklist of everything you will need:

1. Teasing Tools (optional but I like extra oomph)
2. Hair ties (since my hair is so thick I use extra ones)
3. Bun Boosters (these "sockbun" sponges can be found at any drugstore or beauty store.  So can the weird, very creepy hair "implant")
4. Bobby Pins (I use a combo of straight & u-shaped)
5.  Smoothers (you don't want all that hard work falling apart)
6.  An extremely cute bun bow (optional but highly recommended)

Step 1:   Tease It Up

Depending on your hair, decide whether to start with "freshly-washed" or "getting-dirty" locks.  In these pictures my hair was going on "should have washed it two days ago."  I have very dry hair, so with a little shampoo and teasing at the roots, my three-day-old hair is ready to bun. 

Step 2:  HIGH HIGH HIGH ponytail.  Seriously, jack that thang up.  Get all cheerleader with your ponytail.   (again, I use two hair ties to secure my ponytail because my hair is so heavy)

Step 3:  Add Your Bun Booster.  These bun-enhancers will be completely covered by your real locks and nobody will be the wiser.  {if you have short hair, you probably want to leave the boosters out because your hair won't be able to cover them completely)  These both have holes in the middle and simply slip to the base of your ponytail, with the creepy hair piece on top of the bun sponge.

Step 4:  Spread your pony out like a Cousin It waterfall over top of the bun boosters.  Make sure your hair is evenly distributed around the circle and hanging flat.  SECURE with one hairband, making sure it secures under the bun boosters (it will naturally do this most times.)  

Once your bun is secure, pinch out the hair trapped on top of the band until your bun is a desired size.  Does that make sense?  See in step 5 I am pinching out the hair, making the the bun fluffier and bigger (number 6 picture shows a much bigger bun than number 4, no?)

Step 5:  Pin the ends around the base of your bun.  

Once your bun is big & even, wrap the ends around the base of the bun (covering the space sunken in by the hairband) pinning as you go.  Depending on how many layers you have, this could take quite a few bobby pins.  I like to use straight pins for the ends closest to my scalp and u-shaped ones for the ends closer to the bun.  **Make sure not to pin the ends too tightly or your bun will become mushroom-shaped.  

Step 6:  Perfect, Hairspray the mess out of it, and You're Done!

The bun bow is obviously an optional step, but I highly recommend it.  How adorable is this silk bow from Gina Made It ?!  

That's It!  I hope everything made sense.  
It seems pretty simple in my head, but then again I have been perfecting buns for about 25 years.  My Dad likes to joke that he spent X amount of dollars and X amount of time on 20 years of ballet lessons, and the only thing I am putting to use these days are my big-bun skillzzzz. (see Dad, I'm also a great speller)

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  1. Love when you wear you hair like this! I usually roll all my hair in a sock bun, but I love how you pin the extra around it! Super duper cute!!!

    <3 Shannon

  2. GURL. That IS so easy. I've seen about eleventy-seven bun tutorials and this one is my favorite. I actually see myself trying this one! Thanks! Have a great day!

  3. Great tutorial...I have a LOT of hair so I always have a hard time with the "waterfall" but your steps are super easy to follow!!

  4. This is so cute! It's such a great twist to the regular old ballerina bun! I don't think I have enough hair to pull this off but maybe with the bun boosters I can make it look decent! Great tutorial!

    <3, Pamela

  5. Such a great tutorial!! I love this hair do! I can't wait to try this out :)


  6. Krista and I have tried sock bun tutorials, always looking way too ballerina... Thanks for the waterfall tips and explaining how to make it not so tight and marmish. Love yo buns, and I ne'er lie.

  7. Brilliant tips. Can't wait to (attempt) to try it out, even with my limpy hair, haha!

  8. Thanks for sharing! I love wearing buns, but I my hair has too many layers and it fall out! I am almost able to put it in a bun again!

  9. I love your big bun, the bigger the better! I need to give it a try because mine don't turn out that good.


  10. I always feel like my hair is too thin and layered for everything to stay in place where it should. I don't have the patience to make a bun this perfect!


  11. thanks for sharing this! my mother in law just gave me the "bun booster" yesterday lol and now i'm loving my bun!