Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Puppies & Fringe

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  

Today is my first "born's" birthday and I couldn't love him more than the day I brought him home.  Grady was actually a college graduation present.  Who asks for a puppy for college graduation?  A crazy dog lady, that's who.  I have been coo-coo for puppies ever since I was born, so naturally when first entering the world as a certified adult I needed to do it in the company of a high-strung puppy.  This dufus has seen my highest of highs and my lowest of lows.  And although he has traded me in for the hubs (no lie, they are best friends & Grady goes to work with him every day) he will always be my first babe.

Grady and I have been super excited about the Spring weather preview we've been having.  He celebrated with a boat ride on Saturday,  I celebrated with sandals & a fringe tank.  This flirty and feminine tank is another favorite from The Girl That Loves.  I know it is going to be my first pick for concerts and festivals this summer.  And is fringe ever a bad idea?  Nope.  

Thanks for reading!  Go crush your Tuesday.  Linkups below.

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