Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Red Red Wine

Happy Hump Day!

Today's post is completely out of the ordinary, but these pictures were too presh & these ladies are too gorgeous.  I had to share.  

Saturday we spent the day tasting and chugging wines in celebration of our friend's pending "I-DOs."  As soon as I heard the agenda for the bachelorette weekend, I immediately knew I wanted to wear a jumpsuit.  It's flirty and unexpected, but super comfy for getting in and out of the van, and in and out of shenanigans.  The theme of the day was "red red wine" so my options were limited, but I scored this suuuper cheap one from Forever 21 - which, sadly is now only available in blue.  A little leopard, a lotta jewels and comfy loafers brought the jumpsuit to life.  I highly recommend this F21 jumper, but I linked up some other fun options below!

After three ten bottles of wine, we decided that we matched too perfectly to pass up a photo-op.  ...and we seriously look like a campaign for Heart Disease, but it's cool...   Thank you Emily & Leighton for being amazing sports and posing for the blog {and thank you, Leigh for the amazing photog skillz}

Thanks for reading!  Linkups below. 

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  1. Okay I am dying over the fabulousness of your jumpsuit! I seriously cannot stop looking at them online and this red is EVERYTHING. So cute with your gals in red!

    Oh this is just too dreamy! I absolutely LOVE it! The shoes are a perfect touch! It seems like all the outfits or items my husband has had an "opinion" about, I get the most compliments on. Oh, men. They mean well but sometimes they just don't get it.

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  2. I am obsessed with your red jumpsuit! Looks like you had a lot of fun this past weekend!! Can never go wrong with a couple bottles of wine lol!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled