Friday, January 24, 2014

Good Jeans & StyleUp

Happy Friday, peeps!

No matter what your genes {read: body shape} may be, it's so important to invest in good jeans.  There are so many fits and styles out there, and it's ok if not all of the "trendy" cuts flatter you.  Stick with what makes you feel good.  And remember that quality denim always helps.  It's usually cut better and holds up longer than cheaper jeans.  Trust me, I have tried to cheat the system many times.  I have a whole stack of $10 denim in my closet that either collects dust or volunteers for a spontaneous DIY project.  This is a collection of a few of my all-time favorites, and a few I am lusting over as of late.  

I also wanted to take advantage of a short Friday post and introduce you to a truly incredible fashion service that I am now a part of!  StyleUp delivers a daily outfit inspiration tailored to your weather and preferences, along with tips to recreate it.  After signing up with StyleUp for free, you will receive a daily email (by a time of your choosing) with an outfit suggestion.  You can log into the site to find more inspiration, leave feedback on the outfits and even shop the style of your inspired outfits.  Best part of the service? - a ton of your favorite fashion bloggers are contributing to StyleUp!

StyleUp is also on all of your favorite social media channels - Twitter Facebook Pinterest Blog - so you will always be able to stay connect and get great fashion inspiration.  

So go ahead and signup for StyleUp and start receiving some serious fashion inspiration.  What a better way to start your morning than with someone picking out a killer outfit for you?!  

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  1. This is such a fun site and app! I need to check it out pronto. I haven't heard of it until today. Thanks for sharing!! Have a great weekend, lady!!