Thursday, January 16, 2014

Distressed Denim & Faux Fur

Happy Thursday, lovers!

distressed denim + faux fur = BFF 4ever.

The combo of this faux-front vest and the skinny-boyfriend denim looks so effortlessly casual and chic.  Add your favorite pair of loafers and you are styled perfectly for a day of shopping, errands or brunch.  Shamefully, I forgot about this pair of jeans for a few months.  I was thrilled to rediscover them in the depths of my closet and take a break from the skinnies.  We ALL need a break from skinny jeans once in a while.  And while I may be a bargain hunter on the regular, I always recommend investing in quality denim.  You simply cannot cheat the fit and sustainability of a good pair of jeans. What's even better about this look??  I added this fluffy, animal-friendly vest to my wardrobe for only $2.56.  And it was brand new.  

I suppose you want me to dig the receipt out of the garbage to prove it.  True Life:  my husband asked me to do just that.  But, I can't blame him.  I went to my local department store "just to return a few things" and came home with this baby sporting a $50 price tag.  Our interaction ensued as usual:  

he raised his eyebrow
I whined "but it was on saaaaale"
he rolled his eyes
"but it was only $3 - how could I not buy it"

Then I had to prove it.  Moral of the story:  don't pre-judge the clearance rack of your department stores.  While I agree it is mostly picked-through, leftover items need to go somewhere far away to die, there is always a hidden gem or two waiting for a friendly fashionista with a good imagination.  {the vest is linked above - it's only clearance for $12.99 and was an extra 10% when I bought it.  I also had $10 Belk Dollars to bring my out-of-pocket to $2.56}

Thanks for reading!  Make sure to stop by tomorrow for one more look-for-less post!  Linkups Below!

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  1. Love your outfit today! I completely laughed at your conversation with your husband! Totally can relate! Mine would make me show him the receipt too lol! (I now hide things in the car until he's gone haha!)

    Have a great day!


  2. Those are great shoes!!! Love the whole outfit!
    xo, Lee

  3. Super chic look, love the fur vest your husband is funny

  4. lol you had me laughing with the convo with your husband, yup I can totally relate! great deal on that fur vest. Im still on the hunt for mine.
    Ms Dee Kay

  5. I love it when you rediscover a closet favorite. this is a perfect match indeed!
    Chic on the Cheap

  6. Ooooh what a great deal! I have to admit that I am a little jealous - I've been hesitant about the faux fur vest thing, but I could definitely give it a try for that price!

    You look lovely as always!

  7. I love this different take on a fur vest!! It's so adorable yet comfy!