Friday, January 17, 2014

"Pants" and Ponchos

TGIF, friends!

I always wake up excited and eager beaver on Friday mornings.  I mean, I am PUMPED.  There is nothing like the promise of 5:00 freedom to adjust your attitude for the whole day!  

Unfortunately, not every day is Friday.

Sometimes I wake up daring anyone to so much as breath in my presence.  These are usually mornings after I have stayed up past midnight under the sick influence of social media, or when I was jarred out of my slumber by the melodic sounds of a dog throwing up on the bed, or mornings when my body forms a secret plot against me and decides to ignore the alarm clock.  These are the mornings of leggings.  Leggings and Starbucks.  

Leggings can be very chic and effortless.  Especially when they are faux leather.  But, more often than not, they are just easy and comfortable.  I feel as though the battle of the leggings keeps coming up in the everyday fashion world.  I am completely pro-legging.  They can serve as a fitted pant to pair with boots and sweaters, or as a thick tight to style with your winter dresses.  A pair like this even has belt-loops to make you feel like an adult.  Just make sure to follow the rules of styling leggings: 

no tight tops with tight bottoms - match them with flowy blouses, sweaters and ponchos
make sure all of your lady-bits are covered
be careful with high heels - flats and boots/booties are safer choices.  

So, friends - are you down with the leggings?  I hope everyone has a FANtastic weekend!  It is officially the last weekend of duck season here in NC  - can I get an Amen.    Linkups below!

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  1. Ok I had to laugh at your tale of being jarred awake. I too battle the deep slumber animal wake up routine. Also, I try to embrace the legging. I am a little leery at work though because I work for a CPA firm and it is "business" attire. A few times I have paired my leggings with a sweater dress that "covers my lady parts". I find all too often the younger people (16-21) tend to just throw on a t shirt with leggings, in my opinion this is a very big no no! Maybe because I actually have woman curves and I don't need that much attention to my butt and thighs. Ha. I have yet to purchase a pair of leather leggings, but they are on my list. I wanted to get a quality pair that wouldn't look like cheap plastic. Neiman's has a few on a great sale, so when pay day comes around..... Anyhow I am rambling. Love this post and your outfit!
    xo, Lee

  2. This is adorable!! Love the poncho and that necklace is gorgeous!!

    Have a great weekend!

    xo, Erica

  3. I wore leggings to work yesterday (Mainly because I had been up since 4:00 a.m. and didn't feel like wearing real pants), and one of my male co-workers asked why I was wearing sweat pants to work, I was like "WTF?!?! There is a huge difference between leggings and sweat pants!", and then I proceeded to explain the difference and I think he regretted even saying anything.

  4. I love this look! The flowy top with that gorgeous statement necklace is just perfect! Beautiful.

  5. I love that poncho! It looks so great on you too!

  6. I am loving the accessories here - the necklace and bracelets are fab!

  7. Yes, fan of leggings, but if and ONLY if the bits are covered as you mentioned! I don't mind a fitted top with leggings - fitted, not skin tight, but yes, a flowy or big and chunky top is perfection. My only beef is I don't want to *only* wear leggings and sometimes I reach for them more than I should! The great thing is that the possibilities with leggings are endless these days - fleece lined, faux leather, brocade, I love them all!

  8. Great outfit, and great location both go hand in hand! Well done my lady!

    I am so happy you made this post! What a great end to my week. I will be keeping in touch by following you!

    Following the fab favorites link up party! Would love for you to follow me back!
    CLK Fashions

    With ♥ From Minnesota

  9. Love the outfit!!!! I am currently wearing a leggings/flowy sweater combo..great go-to outfit for a lazy sunday!!!


  10. Nice place, beautiful photos :)

    With love,

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