Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Orange You Glad


Orange you glad it's Hump Day?  Orange you glad this frigid cold blast is almost over?  Sorry, I just couldn't control the Good Humor jokes today. 

The only positive of this artic freeze - cold weather gear.  Case in point, this orange wool trench.  I love how a good pop of color in your outerwear can completely revamp a look or outfit.  It is certainly helping me add a little spunk to my neutral palette rut.  Perhaps I can blame it on the weather, but I am in a neutral slump these days.  I find myself forcing a touch of color in either jewels or accessories on a daily basis.  I have never been a 'brights' person, but I may have fallen too far on the other end of the spectrum.  I am trying to make the most of these chilly days by bringing out all of my colorful snow-bunny gear (although sadly, most of my coats are black and white as well...)  Luckily white is a neutral, so I will be rocking my winter white with a side of grey. 

Do you ever get in color slumps?  I hope everyone is staying warm.  Please remember although they have fabulous fur coats, your pets need a warm place to sleep as well.  Please don't leave them outside!  My two pups are rotten and sleep in the bed with us every night. 

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  1. Ok I love this coat! I have a similar coat (it's the same color) that I've found tooth and nail saying it's Hunter's Red (whatever that is) instead of Orange but I guess it's time to give up the fight. You're right it's orange. :) You look fabulous - found you via Shanna!

  2. I love white pants with a tan top! Great outfit!
    xo, Lee

  3. I always say the exact same thing - my bright green coat really helps in the winter! It makes me happy in the midst of dreary colors. And I am the same way - I have been wearing grays and blacks since after Christmas. I don't know if it's the cold or just a desire for more calm colors? Either way, I'm hoping to get out of the rut too!

    I am so glad I found your blog via the linkup - I am a new follower via GFC!

  4. I think winter clothes need more color to them. Thank you for bringing this!
    An East Coast Classic

  5. So cute!! Definitely a good way to brighten your day with an awesome bright outfit! :)

    <3 Shannon

  6. Stopping by from the link up today with Perfectly Coutured! Love that coat! Definitely helps brighten up a cold winter day!

    xo Erica

  7. Awesome coat! It's such a great color! Seriously love, love your boots too!

  8. What a beautiful coat, and I love your white denim - I am such a fan of winter whites!
    Chic on the Cheap

  9. Such a bright, gorgeous coat for this freezing weather!!
    Stopping by from the link-up :)

  10. ADORABLE and PERFECT coat. I love your styling one of it all together, sooooo much.

  11. Such a cute outfit! And the orange is such a perfect pop of color in the winter!

  12. Popping over from Spotlight Weekly
    Love the color of this coat
    I would wear it all of the time